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A screenshot of Zander from his "Just a simple video" video.

Information on the Actor:Edit

Zander Kanack (born September 8th, 1998) is the current editor of ERBParodies. He has a channel on YouTube called WoodenHornets. He also has his own rap battle series called Epic Rap Battles of Imagination. He has edited almost all of the ERBParodies as well as some of HarryPotter2875's Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History.

Played As:Edit

Harry Styles - ERBParodies 5

Swagfag- ERBParodies 6

The Happy Mask Salesman - ERBParodies 7

Ron Weasley- ERBParodies 8

Tom Sawyer - ERBParodies 13

Kid Rock - ERBParodies 14

Himself - ERBParodies 16

Billy the Kid - ERBParodies 22

Himself -ERBParodies 27

Himself -ERBParodies 35

Bill Clinton - EFMRBoH 23

John Wilkes Booth - EFMRBoH 33

(Cameo Appearance) John F. Kennedy - VGRB 6

Alice Kingsley, URBoF 4

Maxwell Smart, URBoF 12

Kefka Palazzo, URBoF 15


WoodenHornets here, ready to bring the heat!

I'm the editor, bitch, all you do is spit skeet!

Justin Buckner? More like Justin Fucked her!

And Nathan's just the definition of ass-kissing Hunter!

Everybody in the crew always looks up to me!

Everyone looks down at Justin 'cause he's less than three feet!

And get the fuck out, Nathan, prepare to get pwned!

'Cause your fucking lipsyncing was terrible in Tony vs Al Capone!

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