Slenderman vs Frankenstein

Slenderman vs Frankenstein. Xtreme Rap Battles 7-1


The 7th battle in Xtreme Rap Battles. It has the Universal monster, Frankenstein's Monster, against the popular creepypasta character, Slenderman. It was released October 21st, 2012 for their Halloween battle.

Val Stevens as Frankenstein's Monster and Count Dracula

Teddy Drummund as Slenderman

KrazyKomix as Flashlight Tourist


Frankenstein's Monster:Edit

I played your video game, and caught you on in a flash,

This is my rap, and tonight we play the Monster Mash!

I'm the best monster, and that shouldn't be a surprise,

You only kidnap little kids, pick on someone your own size!
VS as FM

Val Stevens as Frankenstein's Monster

I got 10 full-length movies, that's how great I am,

You got 3 crappy documentaries done in shaky cam,

You're an upcoming star, but I'm the old school killer!

And you're even less threatening than Micheal Jackson's Thriller!



I gave you one chance to win, but you never could,

You should know not to step into Slenderman's Woods!

This is my territory, this is my rap song,

Your movies are a joke, and they're forgotten and gone!

Just one angry mob attack, and you're no more,

I'm the upcoming star in Horror Folklore,

I can't even tell what you're saying, quit mumbling!

Your doctor made you a wife, 'Cause you could NEVER get a woman!
TD as SM

Teddy Drummund as Slenderman

Stop quoting all the classics, and just think for yourself!

Wait you can't! Because you got a brain from somebody else!

This is one spooky climax, man. You scared yet?

I don't have much time to deal with Dr. Frankenstien's pet!

So get with it, Pops! Cause I'm handling the scares!

You should head off to sleep, See you in your nightmares!

You better start to run away from Slender, Greenie,

Everyone knows deep down, You're just a FrankenWeenie!

Frankenstein's Monster:Edit


You need double my lines, just to try and compete!

It's my sequel verse now, and we're back to my beat!

You're just a Creepypasta myth! And fake like all the rest!

You are indeed killing me, Because you're boring me to death!

So, Trick or Treat, you faceless, ugly, suited little freak!

If you don't even have a mouth how can you rap or speak?!

Your game is only played by Geeky Internet Nerds!

My lyrical massacare is over, do you have any last words?



I'm a chilling, killing, thrilling ,rap-spilling epic guy!

You're a, cheesy ,wheezy, sleazy, easy man who needs to die!

Your scientist was too lonely to even gety by!

Best Monster? Most Famous? EVERYTHING"S A LIE!
KK as FT

KrazyKomix as Flashlight Tourist

I'm about done Frankenstein, I got more victims in mind!

All your horror movie buddies, certainly will die!

My work here is done so time to take off the tie,

and hang it up for the night, so till next time, Bye!

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