Walt Disney vs Jim Henson

Walt Disney vs Jim Henson. Xtreme Rap Battles 6


The 6th battle in the Xtreme Rap battle series. The founder of Disney animation studios, Walt Disney, battles the creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson. it was uploaded September 18th, 2012.

Teddy Drummund as Walt Disney

Val Stevens as Jim Henson


Walt Disney:Edit

Started in the 30's and still comming out on top,

Disney movies make millions, The Muppet Movie was a flop!

I'll show you that I can deliver my rhymes faster!

You're the puppeteer, but I'm your puppet master!

I got MC Mouse on my side, You're doomed!

You're just a hippie! I'm an animation tycoon!

Have fun in afterlife, being forever alone!

Now get out of Disney Land and Wakka Wakka back home!

Jim Henson:Edit

The truth is, my movies are something you just can't handle,

Think your company's clever? Have you WATCHED the Disney Channel?

I'll burn you bad, and serve you as the Swedish Chef's Chilli!

All you do is show kids your steamboat willie!

Your characters are generic, not original in the least!

If my work is the Beauty, then yours must be the Beast!

Sign me up for Splash Mountain 'cause i got mad flow!

Better watch out Mr. Disney! This is what we call



Walt Disney:Edit

You had guest stars on your show,and that's your biggest feat!

I'd only lose in your dreams, A Nightmare On Sesame Street!

It's not easy being green, with envy of my fame!

I'm Walt Disney, man! Nobody knows your name!

You claim to care about your beloved Muppets so much,

but you sold out and the rights belong to us!

Disney characters are timeless, and Muppets are from the past!

I'll freeze myself, and in 100 years my characters will STILL last!

Jim Henson:Edit

You think you're better? Just look at my awards!

And your new movies are crap, so go back to the drawing board!

Your characters arn't just goofy, they're completely absurd!

Donald Duck is out, and Big Bird is the word!

Your power hungry magic kingdom really has to go!

I mean, half of your movies go straight to video!

You put in subliminal messages, and have jokes that are naughty!

Disney Land's not so enchanting when kids find your frozen body!

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