Voldemort vs Dracula

Voldemort vs Dracula. Xtreme Rap Battles 5-0

The 5th battle in Xtreme Rap Battles. It features dark wizard, Lord Voldemort, versus famous vampire, Count Dracula. It was uploaded August 19th, 2012.

Teddy Drummund as Lord Voldemort

Val Stevens as Count Dracula

Billie D. as Dracula's Victim


Lord Voldemort:Edit

Avada Cadavra! This monster's past his prime,

I'll be casting a spell on you with everyone of my rhymes!

All I need is a cross to sit and watch you expire!

Who do you think sold more books? J.K Rowling or Stephane Meyer?
VS as CD.

Val Stevens as Count Dracula

Your name as a monster is ruined, and that must make you sullen,

If you don't know what I mean, Just look at Edward Cullen!

I know that I'm beating you, 'Cause i can see you flinch,

If you want to watch your weight, just eat a HALF Blood Prince!

Count Dracula:Edit

At least I sucked human's blood, You drank it from a unicorn!

I've destroyed all in my way, You can't even kill a newborn!

If you try to beat me, you won't get very far,

Give me your wand, I'll give Harry more than a scar!

You look like Micheal Jackson, did you have surgery too?

TD as LV.

Teddy Drummund as Lord Voldemort

Any wizard, man, or muggle is more powerful than you!

I'm the best monster out there, the best in the world!

And Twilight made me famous, Vampires get all the girls!

Lord Voldemort:Edit

I'll put you in the spotlight, and slowly watch you die!

Then I'll drive a stake through your heart, You better say goodbye!

Nobody wants you here, so go turn into a bat!

I don't need magic to defeat you, so Dracula suck on that!

Count Dracula:Edit

BD as DV.

Billie D as Dracula's Victim

I'm like Vlad the Impaler! Up to power I had rose!

You'd smell defeat by now if you only had a nose!

I'll take you to my castle, and send you to the slaughter!

From now until the end, girls love me and Harry Potter!

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