The Hulk vs Popeye

The Hulk vs Popeye. Xtreme Rap Battles 4


The 4th battle in Xtreme Rap Battles . It features Popeye The Sailor against Marvel's Hulk. It was released July 25th, 2012.

Teddy Drummund as Popeye the Sailor

Val Stevens as The Hulk


Popeye The Sailor:Edit

(Laughs) I'm olive-oiled up!

To win I need spinach. You need serious luck!

I don't plan on losing to a loser like the Hulk.

You're more like Hulk Hogan: No brains, all bulk!

Do you regret taking steroids? Did it have some side effects?

Like turning green, and having veins bulge out your neck?

I'm America's favorite sailor, just try to rap aganst me,

So hop into your comic books, and MARVEL at my victory!

The Hulk:Edit

HULK SMASH! My rhymes are so sick, so quick, like the Flash!

The Avengers made millions, that's serious cash!

Popeye just go sailing, Hulk conquer states!

Spinach dosen't help you rap, you found out too late!

While Hulk do things, you sit on your boat!

I destroy Manhattan, you do nothing but float!

Popeye has no teeth. He squint, and stutter,

So now try rapping without it sounding like a mutter!

Popeye The Sailor:Edit

I may s-s-s-stutter, yes it's true

But I have a bigger vocabulary, and a higher IQ,

I've been whooping people since the roaring twenties,

in cartoons, fights, movies, and even the funnies!

The Hulk:Edit

You just fight people, Hulk actually kill them!

At least in my movie, I wasen't played by Robin Williams!

Me Hulk, old man! You lost all your hype!

Maybe you'd rap better if you spit out that pipe!

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