Willy Wonka vs Sweeney Todd

Willy Wonka vs Sweeney Todd. Xtreme Rap Battles 2

Willy Wonka VS Sweeney Todd
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The 2nd installment of Xtreme Rap Battles. It features cannibalistic fictional killer Sweeney Todd rapping against candy factory owner Willy Wonka.


Val Stevens as New Willy Wonka

Teddy Drummund as Old Willy Wonka

Alex Drummund as Sweeney Todd


Willy Wonka (New):Edit

Who can win the rap battle, put you in your place,

Make you cry so your make-up runs all over the place?

The candyman can, so don't act so stunned,

Just like your pies, you probably have the worst raps in London!

You're a bigger loser than Ed Wood, you probably have no fans,

You're such an emo, you'd fit in with My Chemical Romance!

Try my chocolate, you'll prefer it over human flesh,

Making candy, rapping, or whatever, i'm always the best!

Sweeney Todd:Edit

Only one verse in, and I already can't take it,

Willy Wonka's too annoying the way Johnny Depp portrayed it.

You sell a lot of chocolate, think that's an amazing feat?

I know your candy's made with salt, gloop and Oompa Loompa meat!

And get this through your hat Wonka: You'll certainly be beat!

A candy maker's no match for the Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

I'd cut you up, and put you in my meat pies but,

Seeing your hair just makes me want to give you the haircut!

I was made in 2007, a gem for the years,

When Tim Burton was coming up with decent ideas.

Before he did bad remakes, and buried his head in the sand,

With crap like your movie, and Alice in Wonderland!

Why is your movie so bad? Well let's take a look,

At what started it all, the original, and terrible book.

I'll take Roald Dahl's book, rip it up page by page,

You've put me in a rage so now it's time to leave the stage!

Willy Wonka (Old):Edit

If you don't like the remake, that's your decision. Well,

You can't complain anymore because I'm the original!

How did Stephen Stondheim go from West Side Story,

To a musical so dreary, so dark, and so gory?

Look at me, I'm the movie beloved by the nation,

Come with me, and you'll see Tim Burton has no imagination!

You decided to leave the stage? Pssh, I think you're bluffing,

This rap battle's done, you lost which means, YOU GET NOTHING!


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