George Washington vs Captain America

George Washington vs Captain America. Xtreme Rap Battles 10

The 10th battle in Xtreme Rap Battles. It features the USA's first president George Washington against the First Avenger, Captain America. It was uploaded Febuary 23rd, 2013.


Teddy Drummund as George Washington

Val Stevens as Captain America


George Washington:Edit

I cannot tell a lie, you're a popular guy,

Though I try, I can never seem to understand why,

I'm a legend, you're a fad, a bunch of hullabaloo!

You can't beat me Captain, I'm the O-G.W,

I crossed the Delaware, now i've crossed this chump!

Benedict Arnold was more loyal than you are punk!

How can you be a Hero protected by a mask and shield?

Wise up kid, armies listen to ME on the battlefield!

Your special effects are garbage, faker than my teeth!

I'm setting up some new laws as Commander-In-Chief!

We have the right of free speech, and the right to free rap,

So why don't you just surrender now and stop spewing some crap?

You need to hide behind a mask to rant and rave,

But without me, there would be no country to save!

We'd be in England right now, having crumpets and tea!

I'm tallying the votes, and I win, Unanimously!

Captain America:Edit

You can mock if you want, your army falls thin,

You lost almost every battle you were ever in!

You're a general, i'm a superhero, can't you see?

I'll chop you down harder than your little cherry tree!

I'm an Avenger, I won't be beat by the likes of you,

Because i'm the true meaning of Red, White, and Blue!

You've got fake hair, no class, and dentures? Jeez!

I'm more man than you, and your wife Martha agrees!

Let's start a Civil War now George, a fighting session!

Oh wait we can't, because you died from a throat infection!

Nothing can beat me General, not even Krytonite!

And you never even lived in the White House, right?

You just spit out a bunch of commands, blah blah blah!

We deserved better George, THIS IS AMERICA!

I specialize in making little leaders like you whelp!

Now excuse me, I heard The Avengers need my help.

Who Won?

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