Captain Crunch VS Blackbeard
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The first installment of Xtreme Rap Battles. It featured feared pirate, Blackbeard, against cereal icon, Captain Crunch. It was relased on June 3rd, 2012.


Teddy Drummund as Captain Crunch

Steve A. as Blackbeard


Captain Crunch:Edit

It's breakfast time so forget all sides,

Captain Blackbeard, you're about to get Crunch-a-tized!

You think you'll win? We'll see who's hotter!

I stay crunchy in milk, you stay dead in the water!

You died years ago. I won't, know why?

'Cause I'm a fictional character, and we never die!

I know I'll win this rap battle, or at least i have a hunch.

No matter how good you are, you still don't Bring the Crunch!


You're just a cereal mascot, you can't harm me,

I have a whole pirate crew, where's your army?

I'm the best pirate ever, not like you stupid jolly ones,

Captain Jack Sparrow or the wussy Somalians!

I may have scurvy, but you must have it too,

0% Vitamins means more disease for you!

Let me Edward Teach you something, so listen to me please,

Nobody beats the power of the Lucky Seven Seas!

Captain Crunch:Edit

I don't need you here, messing up my style,

Just face it, you're losing to the cereal aisle!

No kids have heard of Blackbeard, but I'm famous and wealthy,

Judging by my sales, no one cares I'm unhealthy,

I'm on TV and commercials every day, much more,

Than a small cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean 4!


Your sales are as high as you say? That's a laugh!

Captain Crunch? No way! Tastes more like Captain Crap!

I'd rather eat a breakfast bowl of tasty Frosted Flakes,

Now I'm goin' for the treasure, It's what the REAL pirate takes!

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