Xtreme Rap Battles was a Rap Battle Series started by Teddy Drummund and Val Stevens. It released 13 battles in one complete season before being cancelled by Teddy. The series was started on June 3rd, 2012.


1- Captain Crunch VS Blackbeard

2- Willy Wonka VS Sweeney Todd

3- Rick Astley VS Eduard Khil

4- Popeye The Sailor vs The Hulk

5- Lord Voldemort VS Count Dracula

6- Walt Disney VS Jim Henson

7- Frankenstein's Monster VS Slenderman

8- Prince Charming VS Fonzie

9- Ebenezer Scrooge VS The Grinch

10- Captain America VS George Washington

11- Fred Flintstone VS Barney Rubble

12- Calvin and Hobbes VS Lewis and Clark

13- Captain Crunch VS Blackbeard Remake

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