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Professor Oak vs. Charles Darwin - Rap Battle

Professor Oak vs Charles Darwin
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The 9th installment of Video Game Rap Battles. It features First-Generation Pokemon Professor Oak battling against historical evolution theorist Charles Darwin to determine who is the real master of Evolution. It was released on April 6th, 2014.


Cameron Greely as Professor Oak

Froggy as Charles Darwin (Actor)

Ivo Hora as Charles Darwin (Audio)

Matteo Adonis as Ash Ketchum (Cameo)

Justin Buckner as Gary Oak (Cameo)


Professor Oak:Edit

Hello there, and Welcome to the World of your defeat,

Here's some training tips, from the very best, I cannot be beat!

You spent years of studying evolution of finches alone,

Where I can top all your research with a single Thunderstone!

Looks like I've got the highest speed stat in this rap, you'll have to wait your turn,

Spitting firey rhymes every single time, you'll need a rawest berry for these burns!

You might be a well known scientist, recognized across the world,

But I still cannot tell, Are you a Boy or a Girl?

Charles Darwin:Edit

I've discovered an anomaly of that no man could think,

Man evolved from the apes, and you must be the missing link!

You have decades of research, and claim to be the very best,

Yet all you have to show from your experiences is an empty Pokedex!

And you're the better professor? Ha! That's just out of question!

I was chosen to win this battle, but that's just natural selection!

Bring your animal slaves, Oak, you better reset the game,

How can you win this battle if you can't remember your own grandson's name?

Professor Oak:Edit

You're fighting the truth, now's not the time to do that, I've called your bluff,

You say Pokemon is abuse? Well you're the cause of slavery in Africa!

My words echo in your ears as you hear me mega-evolve,

I say we hit this monkey boy with a Pokeball and say we caught them all! (With Gary and Ash)

That's six generations of beating, head to the Galapagos to retreat,

Forget the 'dex, in fifteen years I found seven hundred nineteen species!

And you're still questioned to date? You've been dead a century!

Your theories are not Very Effective, you won't make a monkey out of me!

Charles Darwin:Edit

I'm killing this error, doing the world a favor with my acts,

Ignorance begets confidence and you proved that theory is a fact!

To be a true scientist you must possess a heart of stone,

But that doesn't mean send a child away to get his mother alone!

You can thunderbolt me, freeze me with an ice beam and leave me fireblasted,

But I win the survival of the fittest for I am the best adapted!

I'm a revolutionary evolutionary, the world will never be the same,

Looks like I became the champion, bring me to the hall of fame!

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