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Tobuscus vs. Pewdiepie - Rap Battle

Tobuscus VS PewDiePie
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The 4th battle in Video Game Rap Battles. It features video game commentators, Tobuscus of the Audience and PewDiePie from the Bro Army. It was released April 5th, 2013.


Cameron as PewDiePie

Nathan Provost as Tobuscus



How's it going bros? It's PewDiePie!

By the end this spoiled momma's boy's is going to cry!

You're a 28 year old Barrel living with his Mom, it get's me pissed,

I'm about to smash in your face, Ultimate Brofist!

You think you'll diss me? I don't care!

I'll burn this noob on both sides of the sideburns of his hair,

You've ripped off so much from me it should be considered a crime!

Just call me Ao Oni, it's raping time.


Hello once again Audience, now you get the chance,

To watch me Dis out this Swedish punk in this new Tobuscus Rant,

You have Amnesia if you think you can beat me in this test,

You're an EPIC FAIL, prepare to be stoned to death!

You fear me more than all those horror games that you conquered!

I'll beat you so fast, you'll think it's Need for Speed, sponser!

You and your whole Bro Army have just been beaten!

I'm done with you now, roll the next foe Steven!


You're just jealous that you have no place in the bro army!

Your audience is a bunch of 8 year olds, just TRY and harm me!

You seem to bode well with all your channel's hate,

Someone trys trolling me? Chairmode Activate!

You're afraid of Slenderman? Why the heck are you even trying?

Prepare for a lot of female screaming, cursing, and crying!

Happy Wheels? Walking Dead? You want to be me! End of story,

And you and Gabuscus, well, that's self explanatory.


GOD DANGIT! I'm not here to take cheap shots from a queer,

What? Are you too lazy to play games after you shave your beard?

You say i'm afraid, but you're in no place to take action,

You have to Google Kitten Pictures after your pansy reactions,

I can Swing My diamond Sword, come at me if you dare!

I can make millions laugh, and I don't even NEED to swear!

Raps so hot, bring down your whole army to try and fight this,

In a second, YOU'LL be seeing Darkness, Redness, then Whiteness!


Nobody watches Lazy Vlogs, TobyGames has no game,

Took you three freaking channels to amount to my fame!

Your channels are beginning to die, and I ain't going to lie,

But Tobuscus is the reason Youtube made unsubscribe!


Calm down, stop screaming, your making our ears bleed!

Why don't you focus on your game, drop the ADHD!

It's game over now, and everyone knows that you lost,

Bless your face, if you sneezed during this video, bless you, peace off!

Who Won?

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