Slender Man vs

Slender Man vs. Herobrine - Rap Battle

Slenderman VS Herobrine
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The 3rd installment of VideoGameRapBattles. It was also the Halloween special with the creepypasta, Slenderman versus the ghost of Minecraft, Herobrine. It was uploaded October 27th, 2012.


Cameron Greely as Herobrine

Jordan (VGRB) as Slenderman


<Rap Meanings


It's time crush some punk, white, trash until he's back,

To his unknown home, Prepare to get hacked!

I murder for blood, you just want some cash,

And your body's not the only Slender thing that you have,

I made the admin panic, look at you spaghetti arms!

You're how Pewdie gets views, you don't cause any harm,

You want your 8 pages? I got 'em right here!

Come out and fight like a man and stop kissing my rear!


You found all my pages? You still die in the end!

You're some fat guy's mod, I'm where nightmares began!

I don't need a diamond sword to make some sharp remarks,

Keep hiding short render, I'll be tearing souls apart!

I may not have eyes but there's nothing I don't see,

My game revolves around dying when looking at me,

You'll scream No No No No! But you'll always get caught,

There's no need for me to fight, you were removed by Notch!


I'm REAL haunting through the game, you're just a tale!

A tall, bald Michael Jackson, except even more pale!

You're nothing but the Web's Joke, I've been immortalized,

People cower from me, and I'm freaking pixelized!

I've been exiled for being the most feared this century,

You're a pedophille stalking through your Elementary,

It's time for my Revenge so consider this war done,

I'd say it to your face, but you don't have one!


I've done such evil things you haven't even dared!

You're on the 20 Dollar Mode, that's why you're not scared,

You claimed revenge on Notch? Yeah you sure showed him,

You suck massive blank, complete THAT poem!

I'm 10 feet of pure death! More feared than Hell!

People know they are dead at the drum and clock bell,

You're right this battle's over, i've just about had it,

So go and try to haunt some people, i'll just make your screen static!


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