Yugioh vs DragonBall Z - Rap Battle

Yugioh vs DragonBall Z - Rap Battle

YuGiOh VS DragonBall Z
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The 2nd installment of Video Game Rap Battles. It features DragonBall character Son Gohan against the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh Yugi Muto. It was uploaded October 12th, 2012.


Jordan (VGRB) as Son Gohan

Cameron Greely as Yugi Muto


Yugi Muto:Edit

This Duel was over before it started, you alien freak,

You've got the Powers of the Gods and you're still a school geek!

I could take you out with one card and your dirt poor joint,

Let's see you take my over 9000 Life Points!,

It takes until he's almost dead for you to save Your Dad's life,

Well you'll need him to save you by the end of this fight!

So prepare yourself monkey, it's about to get intense,

So you should switch from attack into defense!

Sun Gohan:Edit

I don't know what point you're getting at, you play a child's card game,

You think this PAPER's intense? Well then I'll teach you insane!

Let's see your holograms take on the mighty Saiyan Race!

Or how about I whip you and Masenko all over your face?

It's not even you rapping! It's just some Egyptian Hero!

Who gives a f*** about your Life Points? Your Power Level is Zero!

I've fought mere insects that were tougher than you!

Let's see a Dark Magician, face a Super Saiyan 2!

Yugi Muto:Edit

You keep talking about the power of the mighty Saiyan Race,

But where are they now? DEAD! Put right in thier place!

You may have saved the world, but you didn't get the fame,

And no matter what you say, I'm still the King of Games!

Sun Gohan:Edit

Your spitting random rhymes and you think you're all hot,

Well try and face a Father-Son KAMEHAMEHA!

And the King of Games? Man that title sounds so dumb!

Now go midget, and play your cards with Ash Ketchum!


  • This Rap Battle mentions a previous rapper Ash Ketchum from Video Game Rap Battles 1
  • Despite both characters originating from Manga the DragonBall Video Games and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Games are immensely popular
  • The fact from above could explain why no other Dragon Ball or Yu-Gi-Oh! character is featured in the series
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