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Ash Ketchum vs. Super Mario - Rap Battle

Ash Ketchum VS Mario
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The 1st installment of Video Game Rap Battles and Season 1 Premiere. It features the main protagonist of the Pokemon anime, Ash Ketchum, against Nintendo's Mario. It was uploaded September 9th, 2012.


Jordan (VGRB) as Ash Ketchum

Cameron Greely as Mario


<Rap Meanings

Ash Ketchum:Edit

Another challenge? I'll show you that I rap faster,

For you're just a plumber; I'm a Pokemon master!

I'll burn you like a Charizard, Zap you like a Pikachu,

Whip you like a Venusaur, beat you like a Riolu!

My name's known across the Pokemon world!

Who you known by? Just some ugly blond girl!

Imma ten year old BOSS, how you rap to that?

You may be the face of Nintendo but all you do is plundge crap!


Watch your mouth! You're rapping versus Mario, boy!

Why don't you go home to your mamma and play with your toys?

I've saved an entire galaxy, what do you do?

Jam small animals in balls and play your Gamecube!

I show variety in my games, but not you,

It's the same story everytime you just change your costume!

You have small animals protect you in a battle scene,

While I'm a super jumping, fireball throwing machine!

Ash Ketchum:Edit

You think you're so hot? But let me remind you!

You get power from eating flowers and smoking mushrooms,

You think you're supierior? Ha! At least I HAVE a Mom,

You may be the superstar but, Luigi's the bomb!


Your raps are good, but everyone can see,

That you're just doing this cause you're jealous of me!

You need to Grow Up, and maybe Get A Life,

I'll Super Smash you hard, it'll be the end of this fight!

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Trivia Edit

  • This battle was noticed by Nice Peter (a co-creator of ERB)
  • This is the first time a Super Mario and a Pokemon character has been used in an VGRB
  • Ironically Ash Ketchum is not a character from the Pokemon Video Games, but is the main character of the anime