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  • I live in downtown is it a big deal?
  • My occupation is killing machine!
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    sonic vs spyro

    April 4, 2016 by Speed deadman


    sonic; im here to kick dragon butt and this purple dragon is done for ill beat you with my speed and and you need luck and my lyrics are are gonna win and i got you on the pin and go back with your skylosers friends

    spyro; you just a joke you embarass yourself with out any pants im hot and you are not your speed cant beat my flames im proud of being a leader and meet in battle i would win annd ill take amy rose cause you cant satisfy her

    sonic; i laugh that u think you cant beat me ill turn super sonic on your ass while you try to flee from my wrath  and heres a newflash for you spyro i win with this you r just a failure since the skylander game and kaos would be  a fair fight

    spyro; you mess with me you get the horns i saved the world m…

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