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    On my new upcoming series(2nd Disney Junior Rap Battles), have a big news from the first episode, such as Minecraft versus Roblox.

    And there is the next Battle List, after i finish off my first episode

    Online Gamer vs. Online Gamer(First Battle)

    ??????? vs. ???????

    Runner vs. Runner

    Pivot vs. Pivot

    ??????? vs. ???????

    Doctor vs. Doctor

    ??????? vs. ???????

    ??????? vs. ???????

    Cartoon vs. Cartoon

    Nintendo vs. Nintendo

    Pokemon Master vs. Pokemon Master

    ??????? vs. ???????

    War vs. War

    Youtuber vs. Youtuber

    Firey vs. ???

    Luigi vs. kennic32

    ??????? vs. ???????

    Shari Oliquino vs. Candace ft. Shazam Oliquino and Phineas & Ferb

    Slenderman vs. ???

    Shazam Oliquino vs. Cary Huang(or Pedro Higin)

    Super Why vs. Leo(Little Einsteins)

    ??????? vs. ???????

    MLP:FIM vs. Sonic The He…

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