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    Message to RBC

    September 2, 2013 by MultiSuperVids

    I am taking this time to say that due to personal affairs and just focusing on high school, I probably won't be editing here anymore. I am disabling this MultiSuperVids account and most likely promoting Bala, Jacob, and Courtney and leaving them to do what they want with the place. It was great to dedicate this wiki to all the uprising battle makers. Goodbye everyone.

    And to the Scraw, Four, Shoop, FourStars, Lasse, Coupe, and all the ERB Wikians, thank you for the good times I had there as well. Talking with you all in good times was VERY fun, and you all had great personalities. I regret the recent acts and people I have hurt. Goodbye, and good luck to all of you as well.

    \o for the last time.

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