Announcer: epic rap battles!!!!!

the mane-iac vs bravoman!!!!!!!!!!!! begin!!!!!!


time to flatten your hair oh wait you haven't any at least not revealed so it must be your bald

I'll use my hair to wrap around you you not bravoman your a just frouble


i'm bravoman here to say I'll kick your something flank anyday I have all the gadgets set to automatic

(hue) I have fought bosses bigger then you face it mane-iac your through you defeat people using

hairspray that's really lame compared to me your tame


I may be tame but atleast I know what a flank is plus alpha man thinks he is a genius i'm greatest villain

this side of maretropolis I am the greatest even thoug hi am fictionous


uh newsflash I am a genius I gave bravoman his suit and taught him how to use it even though he

refused it I have all the workings of tech and all you have is stupid hair products your a ripoff of

medusa from the powerpuff girls so please don't rip your hair curls


but i'm about to use my arms to curl your hair up


who won? Who's next you decide epic g vs e rap battles   

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