epic rap battles rocket j squirrel vs splendid!!!!!!! begin


hoaky smokes this is  the worst superhero I ever seen when when people call for you all I see is they're

spleen you got owned by your brother and he comes from a mirror you couldn't

even save a precious baby deer your the worst flying squirrel while I am the best

you my friend are just a pest

splendid :

before I let loose with my dissing and rhymes I admit I do flop up all the time your best friend is even

dumber then lumpy cause he has gotten so many lumps in his head it's a wonder why he is not yet dead

you should be a shamed you got cocky rocky and you ran into a tree and so with that I rhyme with glee


bullwinkles not dead so there while lumpy always has gotten trapped in the trap for the bears by not

coming to save him again shows you don't really care sure I may have gotten cocky but I got those

berries the second time plus I think you have puny rhymes you wear a mask a round your eyes like you

a ninja turtle plus your disguise is so obvious the folks must be dumber then captian peachfuzz or even

worse hurdles


let's talk about diguises you seem to be fooled by all of your enemies yet you seem carefree man more

stupider then your friend see I am winning ounce again with glee you can never beat me rocky I will

zap with my laser vision as your flying by plus your show is barely animated bye bye


hold it like mooseylvania your useless good for rocky for pointing that out when this battle is over i'll

tear your throat out you are nothing comapared to us we even had our own movie even the creator of this

one loved it so that gives us extra points we win thanks for playing you lose you just got beaten by a flying squirrel and a moronic moose


who won? Who's next you decide epic rap battles zoom!!!!!!!!!


The poll was created at 17:19 on April 3, 2014, and so far 2 people voted.

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