aka joshua krasinski

  • I live in manistee michigan
  • I was born on April 16
  • My occupation is computer guy
  • I am male
  • Joshuakrasinski

    Announcer: epic rap battles!!!!!

    the mane-iac vs bravoman!!!!!!!!!!!! begin!!!!!!


    time to flatten your hair oh wait you haven't any at least not revealed so it must be your bald

    I'll use my hair to wrap around you you not bravoman your a just frouble


    i'm bravoman here to say I'll kick your something flank anyday I have all the gadgets set to automatic

    (hue) I have fought bosses bigger then you face it mane-iac your through you defeat people using

    hairspray that's really lame compared to me your tame


    I may be tame but atleast I know what a flank is plus alpha man thinks he is a genius i'm greatest villain

    this side of maretropolis I am the greatest even thoug hi am fictionous


    uh newsflash I am a genius I gave brav…

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    epic rap battles

    flippy vs unikitty!!!!!!!! begin!!!!!!


    omg a unicorn oh a kitty too meh I guess I'll just ignore you

    cause even though I like ponies I might as well confess I hate cats

    your land doesn't make sense at all plus your kind of annoying

    since your made out of lego bricks I'll easily tear you apart

    you easily get angry so you don't have a happy heart


    me not have a happy heart looks who's talking you kill the people you are

    stalking I am princess unikitty of cloud coo-coo land time for me to take stand

    you show isn't tame by name's standards heck I rather be watching the simpsons with ned flanders


    ha that rhyme was weak I didn't even have to go psycho face it your a lame-o you may be cute

    but i'm more cuter …

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    epic rap battles rocket j squirrel vs splendid!!!!!!! begin


    hoaky smokes this is  the worst superhero I ever seen when when people call for you all I see is they're

    spleen you got owned by your brother and he comes from a mirror you couldn't

    even save a precious baby deer your the worst flying squirrel while I am the best

    you my friend are just a pest

    splendid :

    before I let loose with my dissing and rhymes I admit I do flop up all the time your best friend is even

    dumber then lumpy cause he has gotten so many lumps in his head it's a wonder why he is not yet dead

    you should be a shamed you got cocky rocky and you ran into a tree and so with that I rhyme with glee


    bullwinkles not dead so there while lumpy always has gotten tra…

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    new guy

    April 2, 2014 by Joshuakrasinski

    hey guys i'm joshuakrasinski i got banned off the epic rap battles of history wiki so i thought i join this wiki since i seen it alot of times plus they banne dme just when i was about to edit all of them i know sucks right? oh well atleast i got this wikia now 

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