aka Christopher Patrick Leppler Carbery

  • I live in Bethany Lane MD
  • I was born on June 2
  • I am Male
  • Ccarbe6062

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  • Ccarbe6062

    I'm Chris Carbery. I was born in California, year 1998.

    The reason why my mouth IS in a gutter,

    it's becuase my dad was so mad over a donut fight.

    He lost the fight.

    The police put him in jail.

    Although, that makes him very mentally ill.

    My mom always drives herself insane.

    Like the time that my sister, Kelcey Carbery, can't get her head out off her butt.

    I never even knew my father.

    So, it's what I am sometimes, a gangster in a boy's body.

    "What if God knows nothing about mentally illness?", I thought.

    Well, I guess that's how it all is.

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