Whom the Rapper is based off from


Unwanted House Guest in Animeme Rap Battles

Unwanted House Guest battled Slenderman in Animeme Rap Battles 4. He was voiced by Brock Baker.

Information on the Rapper:Edit

Horrifying House-guest (also known as Never Alone, Uninvited Guest, or Shadowlurker) is an image macro series featuring a pencil sketch of a creepy, ghost-like figure, with large, sunken eyes and a malicious smile. The overlaid text generally contains micro-narratives referring to creepy and disturbing situations and mental images. A common motif used throughout these captions are stories or imagery that would keep one awake at night such as the fear of having to use the bathroom in the dark, having your feet exposed from the blanket, or hearing creaking noises outside your bedroom door.

The drawing of the ghost was originally posted on June 28th, 2011 to 4chan’s /b/ (random) board[1], where it generated over 200 image replies with captions placed over the original artwork. While the original artist’s name is unknown, he or she began posting additional drawings of the Horrifying Houseguest to a personal Tumblr on July 12th, 2011.


Verse One:Edit

Haven't seen me in a while, I've seen you just fine.

You took 5,028 breaths in your sleep last night.

Where am I? Look out the window, see that parked black van?

Well I look out my window, and see you Slender Man. Just surrender, damn,

When people see you they hide, when people see me, they die.

You've got no eyes, and no help from the moonlight.

Lights off, game on,

Grab your leg, om nom nom,

This ain't fiction, no pretend,

In the end, you'll be dead.

Verse Two:Edit

You do look better... in the back freezer of my kitchen.

Kill you that easy? Well aren't we optimistic?

Feel a breeze tickle your ear? No, that's just me whisperin',

Are there mosquitos out here? Nah, that's just me nibblin'.

One, two,

What'll I do?

Three, four,

Pull a trap door.

Then I'll rip your spine out and,

Make you a wacky inflatable tube man!

You're working for me now, and we're having some layoffs.

So I'll set your tentacles ablaze, boss.

Someone please pass the Hollandaise sauce,

'Cause I'll be having calamari for days, y'all.


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