Grand Theft Auto vs Saints Row02:58

Grand Theft Auto vs Saints Row. Saints Row - Video Game Rap Battle

The 11th installment of Video Game Rap Battles. It features the main. It was released.

Cast Edit

Trevor Phillips vs Gonny Gat
Battle Information
Other Information

JackieBearMC as Johnny Gat

Luke Boston as Johnny Gat (voice)

Cameron Greely as Trevor Phillips

Lyrics Edit


Gat is back, baby, and it's time for some fun, Disses flying like rounds, you can never have too many guns! I'm always up for the carnage, and so I'm bringing the pain, You try to mess with the Saints? Well now I know you're insane! I guess we're both full of surprises, I mean look at our games, I brought the Vice Kings under fire while you went up in flames! This is a war of the gangs, our name will put you in your place, Rocket Launch you to the moon, now who's the Gansta in Space? Get in the way of my business, and none shall be spared, Take some pride in yourself, you should do something with your hair, You unstable, disloyal, momma kissing brat, I know you'll love what's on the end of my baseball bat!


Oh, this big fake comes into MY home trying to fight? And I thought there was only ONE Jehova in my life! Draw your knife on me? I can tell you're not that bright, And you, Johnny, are not very F**KING NICE! Robbery, dealing, gun running! I'm the boss! And seeing who you elect as president, I would be your GOD! The method in the madness is you rappin' out of harmony, You're going out of business, Johnny, I'll call you the Lost MC! 387 counts of murder, and here's your failed attempt! Hopefully you'll save yourself better than you did your girlfriend! I'll bash your skull in, and when your Saints come through, All that remains is your bits of brain on my boot!


I didn't fail, scum like you don't deserve to die, Bring Aisha into this again, and you'll be buried alive! I know you take the easy way out when your match has been met, So go ahead and take a shot, I'll just come back from the dead!


Oh, I LIKE it, denial! That's the first step to your end, Look, I love you, but your rhymes makes me want to break your neck! So prepare to meet the same fate as all those I've slain, I'd say go to Hell, but you're ahead of the game!

Poll Edit

Who won?

The poll was created at 22:22 on May 14, 2015, and so far 7 people voted.

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