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Tobuscus vs. Pewdiepie Part 2 - Video Game Rap Battle

Tobuscus VS PewDiePie Part 2
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Whoa! Audience? What are you doing watching me pwn this noob we resent?

Whose six year old fans believe that subscribers are the only way to judge talent
Man I'm on TV, king of comedy while you're stuck on YouTube
Mic like my stick of truth, D-bag the jew, rap hard as Dark Souls 2
This is a Kalmar war, if you catch my drift
Now experience the reality of an Oculus Rift
Coming at you like a mini-Minotaur, torch and diamond sword at hand
Goat Simulators and Flappy Bird? Did you forget horror games got you your fans?
There's only one difference between us Felix and despite the fact that we're both friends
You go through desperate measures to try and entertain while I'm entertainment </p>

Over 25 million bros coming at you Toby when you try to hate on me

Ironic that your carbon copy of my gaming channel has more subs than your comedy
Put this in your highlights since nobody watches your podcasts to see your loss
So you think you can hate on my fans? Man just shut the Jaevlaurs Baulle up
Ya so once again it's Pewdiepie, got my bros to the left, girl to the right
You can have your Annoying Orange, I'll stick to being recognized worldwide
You want horror? Fear this lyrical brofist packed with all the strength I got
You can cry alone, hang with your dog, I'll be chillin' with Smosh </p>

Don't take us for granted, we deserve all the respect you got 

Considering we're the reason you made the number one spot
Yeah it's Ian 

And Anthony!

The original YouTube comedy emcees
Kept it going strong for a decade long, and still the number one tag team 

Game bang you two to pieces, hit a raging bonus every night
Your guys' victory would suck thank god it's not in real life

Keep going solo playing with your joysticks, we got the whole Smosh Games crew

With our channel to subscriber multiplier, we own YouTube

Hello everybody, you called my name and welcome back to these fools get played
You’ve been marked for death face my dark descent Markplier’s in the game
How can you brats beat a man of class? When I’m rocking the pink mustache
Looks like I’m the king of horror now that Pewdie’s tine has past
I’m not scared of you not one little bit
But I’ll show you hell when I come to spit
Man I’ll record all of you getting destroyed make it an animated special reel
Splatter you all across the web when hit you with my Happy Wheels
Getting Amnesia rappin’ static like Slenderman try and top that
I’ve told funnier jokes than every single one of you when I’m drunk playing Minecraft
Oh hell no you mention my game? Sky has joined your server now
Lyrically bury you with my verbal pickaxe, tell me if there’s any gems underground
Let’s see your fan bases try to harm me when I’m backed up by the Sky Army
So many recruits waging war on you you’re losing to the graphics of Atari
Team Crafted, leave you in a Deadlox stomp on you like it was parkour
In this rap map I lead the score, stab all you squids with my budder sword
What’s the matter gamers’? Are you lagging? Guess you just can’t keep up
I’m mad that you couldn’t last in this survival game but I guess I’m just a grump
You think you’re the ones who mad when we had to sit through that
Well I’m grump
I’m not so grump
And prepare for some real egoraps
You make me cringe more than sonic 06, beat you all down in this GameGrumps verse
You’ve all proven if you can’t be the best you can sure as hell be the worst
None of your subscribers can compare to the community we’ve created
And I’ll ensure you’ll see your beating in the next GameGrump’s Animated
Prepare to lose all your kirkhope once we have put you in our places
Barry! Edit out these ugly greps, s no one has to see their faces
But real talk Arin, I’ll think I’ll quit
You don’t even need me to win this
It’s Danny, rightfully inheriting the not so grump name
Got the strongest voice in the game, raps hitting you like a steam train
Dropping Starbombs on all of you and the best bet I’m not lying
That none of you have a chance in the battle when you get stabbed by Ninja Brian
That’s right Danny even Ross could steam roll these kids
We’re out of this world like Mike Aruba, We’ll leave your table flipped
Ya we’re dragon slaying musical ninjas and the best gamers online
I’d love to end the episode, but for you guys, there won’t be a next time
What up everybody? It’s Cr1tikal let me be real for a second
Ya I’m the dirtiest but I’ll keep it clean to teach you all a lesson
The greatest gaming YouTuber of all time so just bare with me
I could be poorer than all of you and still give my YouTube cash to charity
I’m here to make peace like I did to the bro army and It’s getting out of hand
For it’s not who’s the greatest gamer but who can be the bigger man
So with this fable in mind this war can finally be done
If we set the viewership aside and once again play games for fun


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