Superman fought many opponents in several rap battles, including Goku in CRB6 and ERBoCH22. Aside from that battle, Superman has fought in 3 other ERB of Cartoon History, such as Batman in 14, Mega-Man along side Vageta and Raphael in 16, and  The Avengers alongside the Justice League in 20. He also battled Batman in Episode 1 of Comic Book Rap Battles.

About the RapperEdit

Character bio 576 superman

When Superman was an infant, his parents sent him in an escape pod to Earth because their home planet, Krypton, was being destroyed. When Superman was on Earth, he was rasied as Clark Kent and thought he was an average-Joe human. In his early adulthood, Clark got a job as a reporter. One day, Clark found out that he was an alien from Krypton with awesome power. He didn't want to believe it, but eventually accepted the truth, became Superman, and used his power to fight for truth and justice. Aside from being super-strong and fast, Superman also has laser vision, flight, and psychic powers, such as blocking hypnosis. He gets his power from yellow and blue stars, and is weakened by blue stars and a green rock known as Kryptonite. Superman is strong enough to move enitre planets, fast enough to travel across the galaxy is a few seconds, and is durable enough to survive the impact of several "supernovas to the face". According the people at ScrewAttack!.com, Goku's power in super sayian 4 doesn't even come close to Superman's, which means it is quite likely that Superman is the most powerful being in the Universe.


Verse One:Edit


  • This Historical Figure was used by Epic Rap Battles of History

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