Mario vs Luigi is the Pilot Installment on Shazam7121 Rap Battles


This battle features plumbers Mario and Luigi against each other, it was released during January 10, 2015

Shazam7121 as Mario (1st Version as video)

Zaloxitah as Mario (2nd and 3rd Version as video)

KennethH5 as Luigi (1st and 2nd as audio)

Zack as Luigi (3rd Version)



It's a me Mario, what is wrong with you

A frog, who he thinks, who is trying to be sued

Get a Life, or i'll beat you up again like Bowser

It's the end for you, i'll blow you like a Fire Flower

Your Partners, can't never beat our Paper RPG Game

I watch Super Mario Bros Z, in Glitchy4's Bloopers, you such a Mistake

Game over my Friend, your daisy is in another Castle

I bet my Peach, is gonna cook you a Peach Cake, so you will BURP

Luigi: Edit

Excuse me, did you just order disses of my menu 

Call me Donkey Kong, cause you look like pikachu 

I’m in my mario carts, getting all the babes

Slaying all the babes, bitch I can’t be tamed

Your head will be tiny as toads when I plunge you into my cock

I’ll fuck you up like you do to blocks

You get cock blocked by all the girls in the world

Your rhymes are proud, princess peach isn’t a girl

She’s actually a hymathidite, I’ll say it twice

so come on and suck on my fucking cock you little dike

she’s not into your type, so pass the mic

and think twice, cause I’m luigi, you look like linguini

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