Sonic vs The Flash is the 2nd Installment for Shazam7121 Rap Battles


This battle features Fast Character Sonic and the Villain of the Sonic's Franchise Doctor Eggman taking on Avengers's The Flash

Nath as The Flash (audio)

Zack as The Flash (video), Doctor Eggman

F00PZ as Sonic (audio)

Eduar as Sonic (video)

Tovi Boi as Tails (cameo)

Shazam7121 as Knuckles (cameo)



The Flash:

You can race all you want, you’re coming up against the Flash

I’ll beat you so quick you won’t see it go fast

I won’t leave this battle empty handed I’m taking my victory

So don’t ever say to me that you have speed for I’ll prove you contradictory


Yo Sonic’s the name, ready to blow up you’re ass like a Sonic Boom


Call me your worst nightmare as if I was professor zoom


Taste the Rainbow Motherfucker, fly away to your Doom!


im the best and I’m fast and go back to your not cool room


I’m a super fast sonic and with my lines will make you cry!


Ur a faggot, i hope u die because u make me wanna cry like a fly


I’ll flash you like Flashman, with my power you will lose

I could still be faster than you if I took a snooze



The Flash:

How about the shut the hell up you nigger

blue hedge fagI’m faster than the speed of light, I’ll beat you in a flash

Don’t worry I’m sure you can get knuckles and tails to help you

Because that seems to be what they always do

I’ll knock you far out of this battle all the way back to mobius

You thinking you would of won was a thought so dubius

I won’t need avenging I’m bound to win this fight

So you can stick to romancing you furry amy tonight


Think you’re worthy of winning against the fastest being alive?


I’m every kid’s idol, running fast with these rhymes, ‘bout to cause a strife.

Sonic: Don’t bother to rap again, Eggman: your disses are worse than the Teen Titans Go Show.

Sonic: I’ll spindash your ass, Eggman: try running away, but you’re too slow.