Shazam vs Lionlo 2 is a sequel to Shazam vs Zack and it's the series finale and the 13 installment to

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Cover Art on SoundCloud

Shazam7121 Rap Battles, the audio was released in November 14 2016 however though the video isn't released yet, it features the Cartoon Made Rap Battles creator Zack battle against the creator of the series Shazam7121 again in a fight, and they're not alone, and the 31 people steps in to prepare a fight, the video was no longer being worked on in October 2017 due to the series was discontinued and cancelled after Ninja vs Bruce Lee and that battle on SoundCloud was released.

Cast: Edit

Shazam7121 as himself

Zack Maloney as himself, SesameMalcolm99, Fle, Jason Edugar (Updated Version only)

Zaloxitah as himself

ChaosProd as himself

Jaxmk679 as himself

John Brownwood as himself

Jaxmk679 as himself

KennethH5 as himself

Jakub as himself

Skeep as himself

Usher11 as himself

Emandsam as himself

Nara David as himself (Updated Version only)

Clineonurite as himself

Dani as himself

Declan Corey as himself

Jacob as himself

F00PZ as himself

Light as Himself

Samuel as Himself

Raulix as Himself

Flippy as Himself

IcerM as Himself

Primetec as Himself

Jered as Himself

Daniel the Rapper as Himself 

Alexander as Himself

TruthBrood as Himself

Nath as Himself

Fel as Himself

Shazam’s Dad as Himself

Trivia Edit

in Shazam7121's Shazam's Dad Diss Track on SoundCloud, it says in the description, that he pull off the recordings off from the socket on Shazam vs Lionlo 2 (since this battle was a hint)

It features 6 guest stars in it thats gonna supposed to be in the battle, Moleman, Henry Jones, Kennedy Jones, Kamren, OttoBreaker and Butter Samuri but they removed since they haven't recorded and written.

This battle will be updated soon featuring Zack as Jason Edugar and Nara David

It's currently they're first best rap battle royale they ever made.