Whom the Rapper is based off of


Justin as SCP-173

SCP-173 battled Jeff the KillerSlendermanHoody and MaskySmile DogEyeless JackBENMissingNO and Zalgo in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 23. He was voiced by Kyenza, and the video was done by Justin Buckner. It also battled Ben Drowned in Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 3. It was played by Matthew Thomas but voiced by Zack Maloney.

Information on the RapperEdit

SCP–173 is the very first item ever created for the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization of top–secret scientists who collect and study bizarre and freakish specimens of supernatural power and hide them from the world, which since this monster’s creation has evolved into a massive fictional database featuring hundreds of specimens and an established mythology. SCP–173 is a strange living statue with bizarre markings that kills all living things on sight, moving toward its victims at a speed of several feet in one blink of an eye and snapping their necks with irresistible strength and lethal precision. In addition, it is completely invincible. It also periodically produces feces and blood onto the ground of its containment cell, which must be cleaned up from time to time (see below).


Epic Rap Battle Parodies 23Edit

Verse One:Edit

Intercom (talking):


You D-Class losers, wipe away that smile!

I'm SCP-173, animate and hostile!

I'm class Keter threat; you're all Euclid at best

Special victory Procedures: beating you all to death!

No use Containing or Protecting your insecurities

Blink once and you're dead, I'm like an angel that weeps

Neck snap, get back; I'm having too much fun!

Soon as I'm in the arena, you'll all be DATA EXPUNGED!

Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 3Edit

Verse One:Edit

Welcome to the SCP Foundation, get ready to get your neck snapped,

after your rhymes were told, I feel like getting a nap.

I’m the sculpture, all you are is Happy Mask Salesman’s gay mate,

I am more killer than you, you just burn people for god sake.

I would never listen to the Song of Unhealing or watch your WMV file,

It’s SCP 173, I am animate and extremely hostile.

I would love to see your stachue ass try to take on me,

I asked Cleverbot about you and he said i’m more classy.

Verse Two:Edit

Go back to the north pole, Santa’s waiting for you,

You should’ve done that? well look at you rapping me you jew.

Your rapping is like putting a speaker in my ear with a jumpscare,

I could find more scare than when look at your fucking stare.

I dare you to close your eyes, come on, I dare you to do it,

I can hear better rap from you when i heard you spit.

This battle is over, so here’s how i’m gonna finish it Link,

you’re gonna get more scared when you fucking blink.


In Epic Rap Battle Parodies:Edit

  • SCP-173 is the first rapper who has had another character speaking counted as part of its verse despite not happening in the verse proper.
  • It is also the second rapper to have another character speaking counted as part of its verse period (not counting tag teams). The first was Justin Buckner in Nathan Provost vs Justin Buckner, who had SuperThingsOnCups appear in his verse.
  • Throughout its verse, SCP-173 attacked and killed various participants of Eminem vs Macklemore, the series' previous battle royale.
  • Its line "Blink once and you're dead, I'm like an angel that weeps" is a reference to Doctor Who and the creatures called Weeping Angels, who acted very similarly to SCP-173; the only difference in their behaviour is that they sent whoever they caught back in time rather than killing them. Ironically, Doctor Who is a character used by ERB
  • Initially, SCP-173 was voiced by MCGamingFTW. Check it out here[1]

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