Character Information
Birth name Unknown
Nickname(s) Servant

Followers of The Operator

Born Unknown
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Unknown
Based On

Whom Rapper is based of from

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Video Game Rap Battles 8
Vs Herobrine
Release Date December 7th, 2013
Votes on Website 50%

Proxy battled Herobrine alongside Slenderman in Video Game Rap Battles 8. He was played by Cameron Greely and voiced by Zander Kanack.

Information on the RapperEdit

Proxy is a representation of the various human "servants" of Slenderman that he has broken to insanity. He could possibly be a member of Collective, a various group of these proxies that work for Slenderman in his TribeTwelve ARC. Proxies usually start out as curious teens or others who become fascinated with Slenderman, which eventually leads to obsession. Soon, they constantly draw the Operator symbol or some sort of "warding spell". Well known proxies, such as Hoody and Masky from MarbleHornets and The Observer from TriveTwelve, harass those still investigating and hack sources of their information. 

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Verse One:Edit

Let's play a little game, unknown and unnamed,

Followed the master in the past, now driven insane!

Now I only know his way, never to see the light of day,

Hunter down the Lord's pray, make sure it never escapes!

I can be all around, never making a sound,

I'm up in the air, now I'm stalking down on the ground,

Your death begins now, run your souless heart out,

Herobrine's hell bound, the time's come to pounce!

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