Created by Mikestrich[1] it features 44th and current president Barack Obama against the leader of Al-Queda Osama Bin Laden. It was uploaded May 12th, 2011.

Link Here[2]


Barack ObamaEdit

First name Barack, the last is Obama

Your terrorist minions did cause some drama

Then you wussied out, you hid in a cave

Osama Bin makin' it his grave

Your terrorist are dumb, remember 9/11?

I can't believe they thought that they flew to heaven

You had the scare of our entire nation

But it was only our excuse for retaliation

Osama Bin LadinEdit

Osama's here and he's real bad

I teach crash course in the Jihad

First under your coat you hide a bomb

Then you blow up in the name of Islam

I'm a terrorist that you all fear

We make your loved ones disapppear

You could kill one wife, I show no surprise

Because I have more than you do spies

Barack ObamaEdit

My wife makes my bed, she doesn't wear it

And mine shaves so don't dare to compare it

When I creep chicks I check out their thighs

Oh that's right, I can see more than their eyes

Hey Osama you're a washed-up has-bin

Change your name to Osama bin Die'in

Try to wash up the blood from the hair on your chin

But no amount of blood will wash away your sin

Osama Bin LadinEdit

Your women can vote, heck why not my goat?

Maybe that's why your economy sunk like your big boat

And I have so much oil it makes you shudder

That I use it as lube when I bang your mother

Boy you're scared, your people we'll erase

When they ride plane, they can't even bring toothpaste

You silly boy, you think me effaced

What a waste, I'll soon be replaced


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