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Call Card

Nikolai Belinski battled Private Ryan in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 19. He was played by MCGamingFTW.

Information on the RapperEdit

Sergeant Nikolai Belinski (Russian: Николай Белинский) is a Russian soldier who fought in the Red Army, and is a playable character in Zombies. His player indicator color is blue (shared with Robert McNamara and Robert Englund) but is randomized in Moon.


Verse 1:Edit

I'm drinking vodka tonight, after I knife you to pieces!

I'm shooting zombies, you're shooting prayers, Jesus!

You're not a soldier, James, you fucked up for your whole team.

I'm Russian. You're a private with too much self esteem!

I will John H. Mill you into pieces, demon spawn!

And trust me, you'll be dead before the break of dawn.

You guys won the war? Well, I don't give a crap.

No vodka for you, but I give you free bitch slap!

Verse 2:Edit

Tell me, does it hurt when I punch you in the belly button?

Just like my first wife, I shall kill you with my shotgun.

This is what I call goulash, all the blood and gore.

You look scared Francis, never seen a real man before?

You were married to one woman? Pfft! I had nine!

Normally I'd drink vodka, but not this time!

You would taste so much worse than a quick revive.

Just like any private, you will never make it out alive!


  • Check out MCGamingFTW playing as Nikolai Belinski in YouTube Channel VGRBGames [1]

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