A picture of Molly Brown from her Diabolo453 channel page.

Information on the ActorEdit

Molly Brown (born April 13th, 1997) is a recurring rapper on HarryPotter2875's Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. Her main channel is Diabolo453 and she also has a weekly vlog channel, DiaboloWeek1y.

Played AsEdit

J.K. Rowling - EFMRBoH 7

Amelia Earhart - EFMRBoH 9

Boudicca - EFMRBoH 18

Hillary Clinton - EFMRBoH 23

Marie Antoinette - EFMRBoH 26

Anne Frank - EFMRBoH 29

Emily Dickinson & Agatha Christie - EFMRBoH 31

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