Misunderstood Genius (formerly known as DJ Scratch and Sniff), is a rapper from Bloomington, Indiana. His hits include Not So Bad, Breaking Free, and a cover of Watsky's What's The Difference. 

Early YearsEdit

 Misunderstood Genuis was born Skylar Ernest on October 5th, 1996. He began rapping at age 10, with mediocre raps, but with practice made some pretty ill raps. He made his first real song on July 16th, 2012 (Breaking Free) and then began to work on his album. His original music was posted on mgenuis but was removed because "I didn't feel like it was good enough [to be posted]". He created a new channel, , but has yet to post anything on it. He stated, " I am working on a song about how people don't have it as tough as they say they do. I didn't grow up in the worst enviroment in the world, but it was worse then being a trust fund baby". His new song will be called "I Only Speak The Truth". 

Relationship with MotherEdit

 Skylar's mother is a former meth-addict, who had him at age 16. Throughout his life he has had a mixed relationship with his mom. In 2011, they had a fight which resulted in Skylar moving in with his grandmother (know legal guardian) and losing contact with his younger siblings, Brayden Scruggs and Kaymern Reed. He vows to get the right to see them when he turns 17/18. 


  • Leading The Path (Not Yet Released)