Luna Game battled Cupcakes in Cupcakes vs Luna Game. She was played by SuperThingsOnCups and Justin Buckner. She also battled Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack and many other creepypastas in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 50. She was voiced by Stephanie.

Information on the Rapper:Edit

Luna Game refers to a series of short, simple 2D platform video games that appear to be simple platformers at first before locking up and presenting the player with creepy text and images.

It is designed to prank players similar to the Scary Maze Game. It features creepy images of My Little Pony characters, and eventually freezes up the player’s computer.

On April 3, 2011, the same day Luna Game was first published on Equestria Daily, site founder Sethisto announced that he would not be accepting any more submissions from YoYo Games, or any other type of game that requires a download to play, and that games of the sort were banned from the site. He went on to apologize to "anyone that was exposed to the Luna." He also said that links to games on sites like Newgrounds, deviantART, etc. were perfectly fine.


Cupcakes vs Luna Game:Edit

Verse One:Edit

Welcome to the Luna Game, prepared to be played

You better get out, or it'll be your time to pay

I'll make you weep to sleep, so you can't even speak

Then I'll leave you like Rainbow Dash, chopped up and deceased

Don't go to bed, you'll be thinking of me

Come out, don't be shy, there's nothing scary to be seen

Now give up you psychopath, you'll be freezed soon

Cause when you get kicked to the desktop, you'll be kicked to the moon!

Verse Two:(as Creepybloom)Edit

It's Applebloom, you should be scared right now!

Coming in with tons of jumpscares making your heart give out

I'm haunting while I'm taunting, you'll never win the game

Cause I'm taunting while I'm haunting, you'll always remember my name

This isn't over Pinkie, you would never go to sleep

Your torturing will be over when you rest in peace

I'm gonna end you Pinkie, now this is your time to pay

This battle is like the game BECAUSE THE END IS NEIGH!!!!!

Verse Three:Edit

When I scare you, you'll be like “B-But why?”

I can't believe I'm going up your sorry ass, Pinkie Pie

Verse Four:(Both)Edit


Verse Five:Edit

I'm down, I cannot get up

But when I do...


Epic Rap Battle Parodies 50:Edit

Verse One:Edit

You'll hear the trotting of your doom, the galloping of your death soon,

Except this time it ain’t a game, I’ll be the princess of a Blood Moon!

It’s the Queen that leaves even Pinkamena scared to death,

Let’s see you try to clop after witnessing this JPEG!

Verse One(as CreepyBloom):Edit

Prepare to be kicked to the desktop, here comes Creepybloom!

It won’t take five games to turn this loon to Happy Appy-juice!

My rhymes will buck you hard, haunt you Equestria Daily!

You’ll be spammed and deleted, cause The End is Neigh!


In Epic Rap Battle Parodies:Edit

  • The picture at the end of Luna's verse was drawn by Stofferex.

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