Link vs Cloud is the 15th installment of Video Game Rap Battles. It features the Hero of Time, Link against Ex-SOLDIER, Cloud Strife. It was released on August 12, 2016.

Cast: Edit

JackieBearMC as Cloud Strife (video)

Mat4yo as Cloud Strife (audio)

Cameron Greely as Link

Lyrics: Edit

Cloud Strife: Edit

The time has finally come, Cloud's ready to smash

Here to omnislash some raps like a finish attack

It takes some real courage to face me in a fight

But now a true super soldier's come to end this strife

My buster will bust your limit: broken

and I won't be out rapped by a kid who's never spoken

You'll pay for your Skyward sins to the Wii

I just hope I'm forgiven once I cut your lifestream

I will hold your hand and guide you through your raps, you're better off

I have never fought a dude this girly since Sephiroth

I will sever off your fairy wings and tie you down

To think you you'd even equal me you have to be high as cloud

But I told ya, against a gaia soldier you're inferior

Spittin firaga with endless lyrical material

I'll stare into your dying eyes as I'm the living legacy

cause winning in this war will be your Final of your Fantasies

Link: Edit

Your verse dragged on so long it should be split into thirds

If that's the best you got then I don't even need any words

This Hyrule warrior shall play his song in time

to remind amnesiacs who's the hero of rhyme

Look and listen you're an overrated newcomer

I don't care if you're in Smash, you will never be my brother

You got Sora's outfit and some Super Saiyan hair

and your strenght from your dead friend now that doesn't seem fair

I never knew someone who just always squabbles

Could have less emotions than his low poly model

When I dawn my mask it is easy to see

Steppin up to me is challenging a deity

This multi-incarnate's legacy's only begun

All you get is a remake, man your story is done

Yeah this battle won't devolve into a sword measuring game

I mean for what in God's name are you trying to compensate?

Cloud Strife: Edit

Try and force another rhyme before your mission's made fatal

Don't play with me deity, I'm known to slay angels

Stand still with your shield or fight with some integrity

Cause rapping in these turn-based battles is my specialty

No one loses in a rap because they want to

But you can only go where this track takes you

Link: Edit

Cloud's verses are done, now let's hear a Song of Storms

I've been saving this industry before you were born

Don't need no measly meteors to send to your doom

These raps hit you harder than a planet crashing moon

You won't go down in history, you just ran out of time

You'll always be another dot on my epic timeline!

Poll Edit

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