Kevin Krust is an American rapper and founder of the kevinkrust YouTube channel where he uploads the Epic Crap Battles of History. He plays all the characters in this series. He has also helped Epic Rap Battle Parodies and Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History as a guest star. It was told by Teddy Drummund that he'd guest star in Xtreme Rap Battles, but this was scrapped.


Epic Crap Battles of HistoryEdit

1- Harry Houdini and Harry Potter

2- King Arthur and Luke Skywalker

3- Eminem VS Edgar Allan Poe

Epic Rap Battle ParodiesEdit

Season 1

15- Austin Powers

Season 2

30- Austin Powers (Cameo)

Season 3

42- L

50- Laughing Jack

Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of HistoryEdit

13- Leonardo Da Vinci

Video Game Rap BattlesEdit

10- Anthony Padilla

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