Jim Henson battled Walt Disney in Xtreme Rap Battles 6. He was played by Val Stevens.


Who the rapper is based off of (With Kermit)

Information on the RapperEdit

James Maury "Jim" Henson (September 24th, 1936- May 16th, 1990) is the creator of the famous puppet show, The Muppets, and other shows such as Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock. He started out making commercials and Sam and Friends. Eventrually, after featuring two Muppets in a commericial, they became very famous and in 1974, The Muppet Show was started. Some of his most famous characters are Kermit the Frog, Elmo, Miss Piggy, Big Bird, and Rowlf the Dog. He died in 1990 due to pnemonia.


Verse One:Edit

Truth is, my movies are something you just can't handle,

Think your company's clever? Have you WATCHED Disney Channel?

I'll burn you bad, and serve you as the Swedish Chef's Chili!

All you do is show kids your Steamboat Willie!

Your characters are generic, not origanal in the least!

If my work is the Beauty, then yours must be the Beast!

Sign me up for Splash Mountain, 'cause I got mad flow!

Better watch out Mr. Disney, this is what we call


Verse Two:Edit

You think you're better? Just look at my awards!

And your new movies are crap, so go back to the drawing board!

Your characters arn't just goofy, they're completely upsurd!

Donald Duck is out, and Big Bird is the word!

Your power hungry magic kingdom really has to go!

I mean half of your movies went straight to video!

You put in subliminal messages, and have jokes that are naughty!

Disney Land's not so enchanting when kids find your frozen body!

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