AccordionChick YouTUbe

Jessiqua Kat Valentine, (born on September 6th, 1997), better known as her YouTube alias AccordionChick, is the creator of AccordionChick Rap Battles. She is also the co-creator of Intense Rap Battles of Craziness with Zombielicker as well as a member of Salvatore Mancha's Uber Rap Battles of Fiction.

Roles in her own series: Edit

Joseph Stalin

Rocky Balboa

Sir Elton John


Mrs. Pamela Voorhees


Billy The Puppet/Jigsaw

Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray

Luban the Leprechaun

Regan Macneil


Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol)

Andy Warhol

Salvador Dali

Dr. Seuss


Roles in others' series: Edit

Intense Rap Battles of Craziness: Edit

Ray Charles

Neil Young

Uber Rap Battles of Fiction: Edit

Dorothy Gale

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde

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