Hunter Tolliver is an American rapper, animator, and song producer, and founder of the LazyRamenProductions YouTube channel. Before ERBParodies, he made his own songs and comedy videos. He has rapped for and cameoed in ERBParodies and other fanmades on multiple occasions and is a frequent guest star. 


Epic Rap Battle ParodiesEdit

Season 1

7- Zombie (Cameo)

9- Steve Burns and Jew (Cameo)

11- Mobster (Cameo)

12- Murder Victim (Cameo)

13- Huckleberry Finn

14- Mac Miller

15- James Bond

Season 2

20- Arcade Gannon (Cameo)

23- Eyeless Jack, Steve Burns (Cameo), and Mac Miller (Cameo)

24- Rob Dyrdek

25- Glenn Quagmire (Cameo)

26- Grant Wilson

29- Trekkie 4

30- Toys R Us Employee, Eyeless Jack (Cameo), Murder Victim (Cameo), Zombie (Cameo), Arcade Gannon (Cameo), Rob Dyrdek (Cameo), Huckleberry Finn (Cameo), James Bond (Cameo), Mac Miller (Cameo), Grant Wilson (Cameo), Trekkie 4 (Cameo)

31- Sidney Crosby

Season 3

42- Light Yagami (Audio)

50- Eyeless Jack (Audio)

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