Guy Fawkes vs The Joker. ERB FanMade

Guy Fawkes vs The Joker. ERB FanMade.-0

Guy Fawkes vs The Joker is a rap battle and the only one uploaded by channel FanMadeStuff. It features English historical figure Guy Fawkes battling against Batman antagonist The Joker and was uploaded on February 16, 2013. It is notorious for being disliked on its' video due to the overuse of rape references and hardly any rhyming.


Robin as Guy Fawkes

ZefSide as The Joker


Guy Fawkes:Edit

En garde!

Here I come, ripping your head off!

With your face full of cum, nothing to be scared of!

You're just a pathetic, depressed little clown,

Who cannot remember how he drowned!

I'm the symbol of destiny, your life's a buffoonery,

Mine's a destiny, I gathered an online army!

I brought anarchy, you ended up in jail!

Let's put a smile on that face that just got raped!

The Joker:Edit

Woo hoo hoo, and here we go!

You little bastard, no one even remembers your name!

Now you're just a mask, not even an idea!

Every fifteen years old put it on for something lame!

Man, seriously, you're famous because you failed!

It's like your whole life turned out to be a complete waste!

This is what happens when a mad dog chases a fucking asshole!

Bend your burnt body, body and suck my balls!

Guy Fawkes?

He's gay folks, rhyming with his small talks!

He hide his face, don't wanna tease,

Because of bad herpes!

In a way you may complete me,

I never defeated Batman, you never banged Portman!

Guy Fawkes:Edit

Don't make me laugh, you freaky emo queer, I'm the bad Guy!

I destroyed the government while you tried to make a bat cry!

You think you're tough with your scars and your fancy make up?

I'll beat you rough, I'm tough, no jokes, you better give up!

I'm violently violating your vagina, voraciously and viciously,

Vanquishing the virulent vermin with a vendetta!

I'm very sorry but I'm not kidding!

You better be crying!

The Joker:Edit

Jeez, don't be a jerk, Jesus! You're just jealous!

I'm the genuine genius joking as a jeering Anonymous!

You freak, wanna see a magic trick?

Here is your ass and here's my dick!

Why so serious while I'm raping your anus?

Feel the fear in your stomach, well it's just my penis!

You little slut, call yourself V for victim!

Get over here and let my knife have a deep talk with your rectum!

Who won?

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