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Write the first section of your page here. sup dude its me the f***king super sayan names gohan I came here cause the people called me so how about we end this and go all the way super sayan f**King 4 u really think u can defeat me hell even the great baby couldt defeat me so I don't know what the hell makes u think u can cause u cant I am like immortal u couldt even hurt if u tried using ur entire life

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Write the second section of your page here. alright that is not really bad for a senior pet that has gone to waste u what u really think u can defeat me with that hell no I did not even get a scratch not even a cut u f**king cunt go home well u still can before I change my mind and make it so u even cant and yes this is a thread so go home right now and ill leave it bye a thread ur extremy lucky I made u this offer so accept it before my mind is changed and I made the thread real and leave u here to die in ur own blood at least if u have some blood left after everything that's the case

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