Garrett Toler is the founder of the discontinued Chaotic Rap Battlez series. He also guest stars in Epic Rap Battle Parodies, Video Game Rap Battles, and Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. After creating CRB, Toler frequently took down and put up the battles due to him not being satisfied with them, until eventually deciding not to rap battle anymore.


Chaotic Rap Battlez

All Battles- Announcer

1- Ryu

2- Jack Sparrow

3- Ron Burgundy

4- King Arthur

5- Santa Claus

6- Superman

Epic Rap Battle Parodies

Season 1Edit

14- Eminem/Slim Shady

Season 2Edit

17- Irate Gamer

30- Sam's Club (Voice)

Video Game Rap Battles

4- Sub-Zero (Actor), Noob Sailot (Cameo), and Superman (Cameo)

Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History

30- Richard the Lionheart

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