Nicepeter....Altiar epicLloyd........Trevor George Watskey.........Micheal Rhett and Link.........Ezio (Link) Edward(Rhett) Epic Rap Battles of History Altiar vs Trevor! Begin! Ezio:yo Ezio here.... Altiar:Also Altiar Ezio:your already retarted...... Altiar:why do you you even try beer. Trevor:Well imm the best criminal Ihave a fuckin gang illl bite you with killer fangs.Use a Machine gun blow off your head youlll be dead no one will care not mom or dad not even your partener that is as soft as a teddy bear.Ezio:you try to rap that just sounded like Altiar:crap... Ezio:illl use my hook for a middle finger try to rap you cantt be a singer or a swinger Altiar:please help trevor uglyness is under attack. Micheal:welll hello it the great one and only I live you two you guys are phonys I steal cars while you lay out being beat up at the bar wanna know something you have no chest hair look at it all childish and bare.Edward:shut the fuck up micheal you cant ride a bike i look at you and Trevor you both are dykes rip you on the mic look at you soft as candy your video game sucks more then Handy Manny .Who won?Whoss next?You decide!Epic rap battles of history!

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