Harry Potter VS Frodo Baggins Epic Rap Battle

Harry Potter VS Frodo Baggins Epic Rap Battle

Frodo Baggins VS Harry Potter
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The 9th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the main character of J.K Rowling's books, Harry Potter, versus the main character of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo Baggins. It was uploaded June 14th, 2012.


Frodo Baggins:Edit

All the way from The Shire to a big screen star,

I'd leave you with a bruise but you've already got a scar,

You're rollin with some misfits and I'm rollin with the Ranger,

I've got the Queen of Elves while you've got Hermoine Granger,

So take a backseat, because you're steppin' on my turf,

I'm the hottest thing since Smog to ever hit Middle Earth,

No, this isn't a battle, I think it's more like a slaughter,

You'll need some more training, so go back to school Potter!

Harry Potter:Edit

In witchcraft and wizardry I'm the number one draft,

I really don't have time for hairy muggles cut in half,

Perhaps you are mad because I'm up and taking flight,

I'd let you ride along but you're not quite the right height,

I've made it from the staircase, and I'm about to ditch the fam,

It wasen't a love story, like what you've got with Sam,

Yes i've got a scar, I'm the Boy Who Lived,

You're the boy who couldn't grow, let me find your bib.

Frodo Baggins:Edit

Look, I'm a big fish, and you're a tadpole in the pond,

We all know that Dumbledore's been playing with your wand,

We all know that you're out of your league Harry,

I've got Sting on my hip and you're a little Quidditch fairy,

I've got the One Ring that's gonna rule them all,

And I'm twice the man you'll ever be at 3 feet tall,

I was climbing Mount Doom while you played with your cloaks,

I'll make you disappear, just like baldy did your folks!

Harry Potter:Edit

Alright, time to get real you little hairy footed elf,

I'll skin you and stuff you and sit you high atop my shelf,

Stay out of my kitchen if you cannot stand the heat,

Besides, it's a fire hazard with those beards on your feet,

And Qudditch is a game of skill, you really wouldn't know it,

Your only instinct with a stick to grab the thing and blow it,

And I've got a film idea if your story isn't through,

Call it Frodo and Sam, The Notebook Pt. 2.

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