Blade VS Edward Cullen (Twilight) The Rap Battle

Blade VS Edward Cullen (Twilight) The Rap Battle

Edward Cullen VS Blade
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The 8th insatllment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It has the main character of the Blade series, Blade versus the vampire from Twilight, Edward Cullen. It was uploaded May 25th, 2012.


Edward Cullen:Edit

Listen here Pops, there's a new kid on the block,

An undead lover and I make the hos flock,

I'm a Blockbuster machine, just check the ticket sales,

I make it rain all day, your pockets are dented by the hail,

It's your Twilight, i'm just Breaking Dawn,

You're banging old maids while i'm tappin' Bella Swan,

I'll show you how we do it in 2012,

My star is headin' for the heavens, i'm about to send you back to Hell.


I'm the origanal gangster in the vampire game,

And you're about to die twice and i'm the only one to blame,

New Kid on the Block? Yeah you could be in that band,

You're just a teenie boppin' bitch making love to your hand,

I've hunted the best, that means i'm over-qualified,

A cold-blooded killer and your as warm as apple pie,

Wait, stop the beat, I'm goin' acapella,

Last night this Blade went deep and put another one in Bella.

Edward Cullen:Edit

You've gone too far. Bringing in my wife?

You'll need some more protection than your little steak knives,

You're an emo kid's dream and I'm a teen idol,

I'm rising to the top and you're just fighting for survival,

Time to close the curtains on your rusted out blades,

I'm blazing on this beat so i'm glad you brought your shades,

You're like MC Hammer, and i'm Donald Trump,

I've got an empire growing, you're just a half-blood chump.


A half-blood chump? Now let's not get it twisted,

There's a trilogy of me kickin' ass and I think you must have missed it,

I'll slice ya and dice ya, take the mic and the lead,

And then I'll show this punk that I make even vampires bleed,

So tuck your tail between your legs and go run back to your girl,

Did I mention last night I rocked her Undead World?

I'm coming for the title and i'm about to reign supreme,

I'm a rated R champ, you're just PG-13.

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