Buzz Lightyear VS Optimus Prime - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Buzz Lightyear VS Optimus Prime - Epic Rap Battles Of Cartoon History

Optimus Prime VS Buzz Lightyear
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The 7th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features one of the main characters of Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, against transforming leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime to decide the better hero from space. It was uploaded April 19th, 2012.


Optimus Prime:Edit

I'm entitled to the title so sit back I'ma take a crack at this,

I'm Hip Hop's hippopotamus, and if you check my pit, you'll see I'm bottomless,

Call me Prime Time, you're a late night Infomercial,

I'll beat you down so bad you'll need a Walker, call me Hershel,

I've already saved the planet, so why don't you join the club?

Oh wait, that's right you can't, you got a blinking laser light bulb!

Protector of the Universe? Come on, you're just a rookie,

You were Andy's favorite toy cause he let you play with his Woody!

Buzz Lightyear:Edit

I'm the sworn protector of the Galactic Universe,

I've got a busy schedule, but I'll take the time to beat you first,

Why don't you transform yourself into a better rapper?

Than maybe you and Megan Fox can live happily ever after,

And yeah you've got your little crew, is that supposed to make you tough?

How tough can you really be when that crew includes Shia LeBouf?

I'mma tell you a little secret, this is just between you and I,

Robots haven't been cool since 1985!

Optimus Prime:Edit

Time to Transform! You'll regret this decision,

I might be "uncool" but I'm a robot on a mission,

I like the shiny plastic, but you need a battle scar,

I'll leave you with a few then ship you back to Pixar!

It'll take some special rendering to get you back in the picture,

Because no one likes blood on thier new action figure,

Fate rarely calls upon us at the momment of our choosing,

I'm more than meets the eye punk, you can't see that you're losing!

Buzz Lightyear:Edit

Wow Prime, this won't even be a challenge,

Why don't you grab some Autobots so we can keep this shit balanced,

And I like the tagline, Robots in Disguise,

The biggest trick you ever pulled was trying to pass you off as guys,

I noticed your lines were slowing down, is it perhaps your gas is low?

Before you ship me off to Pixar, I'll blow your ass back to Hasbro,

You've just been totaled, never thought you'd see the day?

You'll need a ride to the junkyard, I just called Triple A!

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