The Amazing Spider-man vs Wolverine Rap Battle

The Amazing Spider-man vs Wolverine Rap Battle

Wolverine VS Spiderman
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The 6th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the most famous member of the X-men, Wolverine, against Spiderman, the Marvel superhero. It was uploaded April 4th, 2012.



Listen here bub, my flows as my claws,

And I'll tear you apart, as soon as I get my paws,

On your little Spideyframe this entire battle is a shame,

They put a little boy blue in a grown man's game,

My Venom is deadly. Oh and my Mary Jane,

Should be called the Green Goblin, don't get burned by the flame,

Is this supposed to be a challenge? You can't be serious,

I think that little spider bite has got your mind delirious.


You need an ego check and I'm about to put you though it,

Grab some Geico insurance since even a cave man can do it,

There's a leash law here, your master let you get away,

I'll call up Professor X, and tell him I found his stray,

Because today, there's no use in competing

I'll wrap you inside my web and give you a spidey beating,

My rhymes are as tight as the webs that I sling,

You're just a hairy pawn, I am Marvel's crowned King.


The King of Insects? That sounds about right,

I'd rather battle Aunt May, it would be a more fair fight,

I'm a Weapon X super soldier don't let the costume fool ya,

I heard J. Jonah Jameson gives you his Daily Bugle,

You're on my turf now, and you haven't payed the meter,

That means a Wolverine thrashing's in order for ya Peter,

Yeah your rhymes are like your web, they both are paper thin,

You're just a superhero wannabe, just ask your Uncle BEN!


Spider sense tingling! But it's you who are in danger,

Say it's a grown man's game? Well meet the game changer!

You'll die before reaching wall crawling heights that I've lifted,

I'll beat you bloody and send you back to the school for the gifted,

You're a roided up lumberjack who needs a kick in the ass,

I've got one waiting right here, so consider it your First Class,

You'll need your whole X Crew to fight the war that I'm waging,

That's why they still call you Logan, while I'm just, The Amazing.

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