Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King Epic Rap Battles

Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King Epic Rap Battles

Ronald McDonald VS The Burger King
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The 5th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It has McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald versus The Burger King, Burger King's mascot. It was uploaded March 23rd, 2012.


Ronald McDonaldEdit

Call me Ronald MC cause I'm bringing all the flavor,

And if you're the King, I guess I'm the creator,

I'm the captain of franchises, they're my Black Pearl,

And I'm slinging these nuggets all around the world,

Come through my golden arches and catch a snack attack,

Your queen comes in often, she likes the taste of my Big Mac,

These XL shoes are way too big for you to fill,

I'll slap 2 all beef patties on your busted up grill.

The Burger KingEdit

I'm the KING, and I'm coming in hard,

Time to wrap onion rings around this retard,

I'd say you're a joke, but you already know,

I can tell by that Napoleon Dynamite fro,

2 all beef patties? Well I've got flame broiled heat,

I'm going home to a throne, you're going home to defeat,

HA, Whopper Jr. could handle this clown,

Replace that double cheese smile with an upsized frown.

Ronald McDonaldEdit

Try to joke on a jokester? This really can't continue,

My flows are extra value, and you're on my Dollar Menu,

A frown on my face? You've got your patties flipped,

You're tied down to a hag and I'm a super sized pimp,

You've challenged a real dynasty that's here to stay,

So bend over like a punk so you can have it your way,

You'll always be 2nd, so go ahead and retire,

My kingdom is like my fries, It'll never expire.

The Burger KingEdit

Don't forget, you're speaking to a royal,

I'll wrap your leftover rhymes up in aluminum foil,

And when it comes to this game I won't cut you any slack,

Oh and I caught the Hamburgler, sneaking Whoppers in the back,

And you're a pimp? Well that's just absurd,

Unless you're pimping cashiers with that line "Billions Served"

They put a rodeo clown? with an OG that's thuggin' it,

It was a King-sized victory bitch, I'm lovin' it.

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