Captain America vs Deathstroke THE RAP BATTLE

Captain America vs Deathstroke THE RAP BATTLE

Captain America VS Deathstroke
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The 42st installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features DC assassin mercenary, Deathstroke rapping against Marvel super soldier Captain America. It was released April 4th, 2014.


Vic Porter as Deathstroke and Captain America


Captain America:Edit

Well if it's soldier versus soldier, recognize your superior,

Or else you'll find a red boot stuck in your interior!

My friends call me Steve, so can I get a "Roger that!"?

My foes call me the last thing that they see, I'm like the end-cap,

The golden-aged Avenger with time been enlightened,

You're stuck in adolesence chasing after Teen Titans!

The first of my kind and you're a replica, I changed the game,

You haven't felt this kind of pain since you lost Mrs. Kane!


You seek out my wrath, so I'll make accomodations,

Detective Comics killer serving up assassinations!

Some would say I'm ruthless, these head decapitations,

The precision of my killing deserves a standing ovation!

Your friends call you Steve? Well I'm the Death Excavator,

And bitches like yourselves just call me The Terminator!

They squirted experimental serum trying to perfect you,

You're gonna need a lot more than a S.H.I.E.L.D to protect you!

Captain America:Edit

* Laughs *

Your arrogance is entertaining,

The Cap, he doesn't lose, didn't think that needed explaining!

Wax the floor with your ass and watch your hopes quickly waning,

While you take another L, you'll catch a stroke from complaining!

A simple hierarchy, I simply outrank you,

I'll Soulja Boy tell 'em, I simply out-crank you!

I'll stomp you out in the short game, in a marathon outlastin',

This is your last battle, I assassinate assassins!


All right, weapons reloaded, end you with a verbal power staff,

I’ll hit you with a lethal blast and roast your Star-Spangled ass!

Strategically, this matchup was a very poor decision,

I calculate you knew this was a kamikaze mission!

I'm the real super soldier, you'll lose in this game of arms,

Go back into your cave and save your bromance with Bucky Barnes!

You outdated old fuck, I retired you, and your suit!

I think The Cap's just mad 'cause his little soldier won't salute!

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